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J U N O is a Houston based Producer & Rapper

Born and raised in Houston, TX, J U N O (Robert Leslie Meek) has always been immersed in diverse surroundings. From Hip-Hop to Classic Rock, from movie soundtracks to EDM and Jazz, music has been a part of the daily routine since a young age. A sound designer, violin player, and music producer- J U N O brings a unique perspective to his music. 

In Spring 2019, J U N O released his first album, "Ignition Sequence", which focuses on Electronic based instrumental tracks. His second album, "Almost Never What It Seems" was released Friday, November 13, 2020.

J U N O has been building a following on Instagram with his #FreestyleFriday series, where he and Dillon D create a new song all in one session. The release “Halloween 2020 EP” was a product of these sessions. With a 3rd full album and a live studio concert, J U N O is working hard to establish themselves as one of the "ones to watch" in the Houston music scene.

His newest full length album, “The Golden Record” focuses on the foundation of what it means to be human and is available now! 

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